XXL Lashes Lid-up Strips

XXL Lashes Lid-up Strips – 120 pieces

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Eyelid lifting in seconds - easy and brilliant - "no knife needed"

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  • XXL Lashes Lid-up Strips – 120 pieces
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These strips have an amazing effect: they can be stuck on the eyelids and within no time sagging eyelids are lifted.

Goodbye to hooded eyelids and tired eyes, XXL Lashes Lid-Up strips gift shining eyes and a wide-eyed look to all. Easy to use, they adhere well, are transparent and completely non-visible and very comfortable to have on. Clients say they just do not feel anything at all.

The disposable strips are made from very fine, perforated, breathable silicon material making them comfortable to have on, on one's sensitive facial skin. They are transparent and completely non-visible and makeup can be applied over it without any problems. One pack contains 120 strips and is good for 4 months.

The 7 D Tweezers greatly simplifies application and makes it much easier.

We are blown away! Use it to believe. A clever beauty trick without any surgery at all

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