Cuticle Pro-Pusher

9,90 EUR

- to push back and remove cuticles and modelling remnants - the professional option to rose wood sticks

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 pro-pusher The cuticle pro-pusher is an indispensable tool for nail modelling.

The most fine dander is easily removed and the possibility of lifting is ruled out.

It is approx. 13 cm long. One side has a small concave spoon shaped end with which one can carefully push back the cuticle.

The other side has a pointed scoop - ideal for cleaning under the finger and toe nails, the edges of the nail bed and for scooping out remnants of gel, acrylic or UV nail polish.
The practical ribbed handle ensures a secure grip.

The pro pusher is made of surgical steel and can thus be disinfected and sterilised.

To maintain hygiene the stylist needs to wear a pair of latex gloves at all times.

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