XXL Lashes Bridge Ring-URx3

XXL Lashes Bridge Ring

7,70 EUR - 6,50 EUR

The U Band eyelash ring is an ideal holder for all kinds of eyelash strips


Quantity Single price
1-1 7,70 EUR
>= 2 6,50 EUR

weight: 0,01 kg
Product ID: 022748

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It couldn't have come soon enough! The XXL Lashes Bridge Ring, also known as the U band eyelash holder, not only simplifies application but is also an aid for efficient and speedy handling. It is a perfect complement to the glue ring and fits any finger size. The mounted bridge has space for three rows of eyelashes. Mink lashes can be placed in such a manner that it makes picking individual eyelashes with the tweezers much easier.

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