Head Tingler, Head Massage Stick

Head Tingler, Head Massage Stick

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...guaranteed to generate a thrilling tingle in your skin. Treat yourself to something good and pass it on to others too.

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  • Head Tingler, Head Massage Stick
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One could very easily take this for kitchen equipment. That would however be far from the truth.

This “fork” is placed on the skin and then slowly rubbed up and down and in circles and in this way the skin all over the body gets massaged. You will instantly sense an unbelievable tingling, albeit pleasurable shiver all over your body.

The endorphins present naturally in the body are thereby released, which has a relaxing and thereby pain-relieving effect.

  • You instantly feel re-vitalized
  • it helps in relieving headaches, lifting a mood of depression or alleviation of stress,
  • loosens tension,
  • helps regain and heighten vitality and energy
  • stimulation of the skin augments blood circulation
  • can prevent formation of scuff and stimulates hair growth
  • enhances intellect
  • and gets a smile on your face

It was originally formulated by Australian aborigines for a full body massage. This skin massage stick was awarded the “best gift article” status in the year 2006 and this is why we have this on offer for you in an attractive gift bag.

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