100 piece salon folder XXL Lashes Eyelash Extension

100 piece salon folder "XXL Lashes Eyelash Extension" (A6, high gloss, 6 sides)

16,50 EUR - 11,50 EUR


with before-after photographs and an empty space for your stamp or label of your salon


Quantity Single price
1-2 16,50 EUR
3-4 13,50 EUR
>= 5 11,50 EUR

weight: 0,77 kg
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  • 100 piece salon folder

It's great publicity for your salon since every client is going to pick it up and will be delighted to find answers to the most frequently asked questions on everything to do with eyelash extensions in a small format.:

  • What actually are eyelash extensions?
  • How long do they last and how long does an application take?
  • Can eyelash extensions be worn permanently?
  • Do eyelash extensions damage the natural eyelashes?
  • Can mascara be used?
  • Are XXL Lashes suited for everyone?

Apart from this, "before" and "after" application information is given and on the beauty products recommended.

There is place on the back side to put a stamp or label of your salon.

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